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Upgrade phone disconnect scene.gif From the film Upgrade: The robot Kim attempts to reconnect to receive programming updates

A blank stare is the look on a fembot's face that can help show how inhuman it is. It can show a complete lack of expression when used by an actress portraying a robot. Wide, unblinking eyes and an absence of movement can make the effect quite strong.

In gynoid related fiction and media, a blank stare often denotes that the fembot is offline, being reprogrammed, or has frozen and is about to malfunction. It is also often used to hint that a character appearing to be human may in fact be a fembot.

This type of plot device does not require special effects and can be very effective if the actress portraying the robot can hold the blank stare properly.

In fiction

Westworld elevator girl.png

The "Elevator Girl"

One of the first fembots seen in the movie Westworld, the Elevator Girl shows that she is a robot when she stops moving and stares unnaturally forward.

I Love Maria blank stare.png


As one of many fembots named Maria, Sally Yeh had quite a talent for portraying an emotionless robot. One of her strong points was a perfect blank stare.

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