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Plutón B.R.B. Nero - shutdown scene.gif Lorna gets shut down in a scene from Plutón B.R.B. Nero

In fembot terminology, Shut-down is the case where a fembot is deactivated, usually with a remote, an on/off switch, a malfunction, or by their own will. Shutting a fembot down can either be a measure used to assist in repair/upgrade work, or in stopping a potentially hostile, malfunctioning fembot.

Frequently, the shutdown of a fembot accompanies a change in pose or stance. A common example is where the head slowly lowers and the upper back bends down, with arms going limp. Several other forms of a "shutdown pose" can be seen in various works, from simply staring off into space, to being quite literally left paused in mid-motion or sentence. This can also accompany other effects. A "powering down" sound effect, or a flash of light in the eyes for instance. In Anime, a shut down is usually also accompanied by a change in eye color or characteristics, such as a lack of color, or changes to the appearance of the pupils or iris. Shut-downs are often immediate and abrupt.

In fiction

  • Jane from the short film High Maintenance is shut down by her android husband.
  • Galatea in Bicentennial Man was shut down via remote due to her annoying nature.
  • Rommie, and a few other fembots, from Andromeda were shut down on several occasions.

More examples

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