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Established on February 25, 2008 for the members of Fembot Central, and for all technosexuals out there.

This wiki hosts the various stories and artwork posted by members of Fembot Central, as well as screen captures of various forms of media, such as television, movies, and web-based videos that contain fembots, and videos of various fembot related fetish videos. It was created to replace the defunct gallery on Fembot Central, which stored members photo manipulations, as well as the discontinued Gynoid Gallery, which contained screenshots of various movies and television series; it now hosts more than the previous two combined!

In addition to stories and artwork, this wiki also contains several articles explaining various fembot related features, such as Programming and Repair, as well as reviews of several movies, television series, and independent productions containing fembots. Recently, a Master list of ASFR has been added, replacing a now defunct one hosted on Many Realms for many years.

Statistics - as of February 2018

This wiki has been around for ten years and in that time more than 50,000 files have been uploaded. That's over 5,000 new files every year, and more than 96 files a week! Additionally, stories posted on Fembot Central are regularly archived here. There's always something new to see each time you visit.

Currently, we have stories from 182 authors, and artwork from 145 artists.

Noteworthy milestones in FembotWiki history:

  • 02.25.08: FembotWiki established
  • 07.26.08: 5,000th file uploaded
  • 09.13.09: 10,000th page created
  • 04.03.10: 10,000th file uploaded
  • 04.11.10: FembotWiki moved to a new 64 bit server, improving speed
  • 05.06.11: Mascot updated
  • 06.02.11: 20,000th edit made
  • 03.18.12: 25,000th edit made
  • 06.10.12: 15,000th file uploaded
  • 02.25.13: 5th anniversary
  • 03.13.13: 20,000th file uploaded
  • 11.05.13: 25,000th file uploaded
  • 07.30.14: 50,000th edit made
  • 08.20.14: 2,000,000th Main Page view*
  • 09.14.14: Story snippets launched on the homepage
  • 09.17.14: 30,000th file uploaded
  • 08.20.15: 35,000th file uploaded
  • 09.03.15: ASFR Master List officially launched
  • 12.08.15: Video uploads enabled
  • 01.21.16: All gallery pages optimized to take advantage of the new scaling feature
  • 01.27.16: 66,666th edit made
  • 04.24.16: 70,000th edit made
  • 07.17.16: 40,000th file uploaded
  • 12.11.16: 75,000th edit made
  • 04.30.17: 80,000th edit made
  • 05.02.17: 45,000th file uploaded
  • 10.06.17: 85,000th edit made
  • 01.27.18: 50,000th file uploaded
  • 02.25.18: 10th anniversary

(*)=From before the page view counter was removed.

Major updates to the wiki

  • 01.18.16: FembotWiki's MediaWiki core updated to 1.26.2, bringing a slew of new, improved, and removed features:
    • Improved features:
      • Better standards support (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript)
      • Improved Upload page
      • Improved Recent Changes page(negative changes are red, positive changes are green)
    • New features:
      • Hot links for special pages (I.E. ALT-U opens the upload page)
      • Page scaling
      • Wiki now warns you if you attempt to leave a page with unfinished information typed into a context area
      • Page information tool
      • Hover-over info boxes
    • Removed features:
      • Page view counter
      • Flash support