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"Calli, please, you don't know what you're doing!" Brittney pleaded to the dark hair that was all she could see of the young woman kneeling in front of her. The other woman took no heed, and continued to poke away at the complex control panel before her. A panel that was clearly part of Brittney herself. It was inset set just under the massive breasts of which she was so proud but others considered wholly inappropriate for an R-class gynoid. The robot girl glanced bitterly at the smaller interface panel high on her chest. It was so convenient to keep open to connect directly to a computer and do research. She'd never imagined someone might just sneak up on her and flick that tiny switch to maintenance mode. Who does that?? Brittney gasped and flushed as her nipples violently popped out on her chest. Was Calli accessing her sexual systems??
dieur - Fembot Central

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