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She continued, "What is wrong with me?!?! I can't… can't… ERKKKHXX!!! ERROR! -BEEP!- MALFUNCTION IN PRIMARY PERSONALITY MATRIX…What the fuck?! I didn't say that… I… yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!… Help! ERROR…CRITICAL.SOFTWARE.MALFUNCTION…Rub my clit! …RESTART…you assholes!…RECOMMENDED…" Natasha was making clicking and grinding noises as something in her began working against itself. Her head roughly jerked back to Kevin, who was getting up and walking over to her. Her eyes had lost the hard look they had not a few minutes ago, and now looked scared. She pleaded to Kevin, "What is going on!?!?!" Kevin calmly replied, "Honey, you're having a malfunction. Don't worry, I'll fix you just like all the other times." "Fix me?! ERROR… oh yes, keep rubbing my tits!….Oh.. yes… ERROR… What is this?! Kevin, what am I?" Natasha asked, almost screaming now, her body locked in an odd jerky dance while the other two gynoids probed her privates with their artificial tongues.
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