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Cara reached into Eve’s belly and pulled out her memory hard disc from its socket. Instantly Eve’s stopped her movement, her fingers still intruded deep inside Cara’s artificial pussy. As Eve powered down, her words, came out robotic and slightly skewed,

“Unit UCX-45534, unable to find host software….emergency cut out,” then Cara’s audio processors noticed the whirling down of her motors and systems. All lights inside her belly stopped blinking. Eve was now just an empty shell of advanced machine hardware. Cara gently pulled out Eve’s finger from her own plastic pussy. She had to manually interrupt her sex routine in order to swap the disc properly.

Cara walked to the new unit and squeezed both nipples of her gorgeous big breasts slightly. A seam in the fabric of the corset belly appeared and the panel opened with a silent servo hiss. Cara carefully placed the hard disc inside the new robot.
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