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“Initiating startup protocols,” she responded, as she stood up. She then resumed, what appeared to be her default posture, standing straight up, legs slightly apart, arms at her sides but slightly akimbo. At this point, there was no mistaking her artificial nature, even though she blinked intermittently and took the occasional breath. She stared blankly into space as she continued, “Registering on network . . . Checking for software updates. . . Updates are available, would you like me to proceed with download?” “Yes, please,” I answered. “Software updates will continue while the startup routine is completed. Please tell me your name so that I may address you correctly.” “James,” I responded. “You can call me James.” “Thank you, James. At this time I can load several task and personality subroutines. Please select from the following list which routines you’d like to have loaded. Domestic duties?”
Pennon - The Delivery

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