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"Preparing to install. Please remain seated. During installation, all systems will be placed in standby mode to avoid damaging your systems." "Gee, thanks for the heads-up," Vicki muttered; when the friendly voice replied with "You're welcome", she nearly fell out of the chair. She huffed indignantly; "That could've ended bad---" She froze on the last syllable of the word as the install process began. Vicki remained frozen in place as the laptop installed the programs she'd selected. Every 10 seconds, she announced her current status in her monotone voice. Finally, around 7:06, she reached VL Upgrade 3, the last program on the list. "Downloading VL Upgrade 3…….progress: 85% complete." "Downloading VL Upgrade 3…….progress: 90% complete." "Downloading VL Upgrade 3…….progress: 95% complete." "Downloading VL Upgrade 3…….progress: 100% complete." "All downloads complete. V.I.C.I. shutting down…commence auto-reboot in 20 seconds…"
DukeNukem 2417 - Vicki's New Life

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