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She felt drawn to the scripts and kept reading and kept fingering herself, unable to help herself as the stories got more and more erotic and affected her systems, causing cascade failures. "Error at line 42. Error at line 42. Need answers to life, the universe and everything!" She repeated this into a loop, and couldn't control it as she reached deeper inside her, getting wetter and wetter. Finally she came in a sudden climax, her juices going all over the chair she was sitting in, seeping into her body through minute cracks in her skin, causing electrical arcing. " shut.down." she said as she deactivated herself and slumped over in her sopping wet seat. Meanwhile, through the two-way mirror, Gemma was going crazy trying not to follow the same path as Moira, gripping the sides her chair and using her instant replay to watch Moira shorted out in her mind again and again, and that's where her owner found her the next morning, out of power and still trying to complete the pleasure circuit.
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