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"Uh-ma… uh-ma-ma… buh-buh-buuuuuuuuuh… fu-fu-fu-fuck me." She turned ninety degrees to face the wall, then started to march face-first against her bulletin board. The notes there swished as she waddled in place like a blind penguin, mechanically repeating her request for fucking. Lori suddenly realized that the voluptuous coed was a robot…The revelation that her roommate was not a girl but a thing was, surprisingly, turning her on. MJ spun around in place, her face screwed up into a joker’s smile. She beckoned to Lori in a sing-song voice. "I fucking need to fuck your fuck fuck fuck." Her head cocked off to the side, her mussed hair flopping along with it. "Virus corrrrruuuptiiiing geeeenderrrrr recognition," the malfunctioning android blithered. She refocused on Lori. "You are so FUCKING HOT!!!" Trying to get to the blonde, she spastically danced around the toppled chair and simultaneously attempted to remove her robe, tearing it in several places.
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