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The lead technician threw a small lever in Kristen's exposed torso up near the base of her neck, which unlocked Kristen's head unit. She carefully separated Kristen's head from the rest of her robot body. The technician dutifully unhooked all of the connections and pulled the head completely away. Kristen's realistic human head now had wires and connector ports hanging down from the unit, her body now headless with the same wires and connectors dangling from out the hole where her delicate neck was. The tech put Kristen's head unit on a stand and reached up for a release inside near the chin. Just then, the locks disengaged and Kristen's faceplate clicked like a CD drive on a laptop computer and snapped out from the rest of her head. The tech removed Kristen's face, revealing her facial robotics and big green eyeballs.
Sarabot - Kristen's Overhaul

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