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"You are an android, just like everyone else in this apartment." "Don't be ridiculous, if I was a robot I would know. I would have to." "How do you figure?" "How do I charge?" "You lay down in bed, close your eyes and your A.I. records that you fell asleep, in actuality you stand right back up, open your entire chest cavity, refill your fluids, replace your artificial stomach, and then plug in. Once you are fully charged you close yourself back up and lay back down." "Well...what about my memories?" "Those are just a structure that your A.I. uses to build details onto." "No, because I remember my family, as a little girl playing with my sisters, i have a life" "I see, tell me about your sisters." "Ethan." "Humor me."
evil boo - Bits and Pieces 2: Sara

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