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there was a gynoid lying naked on a table somewhere in a warehouse. a gentleman walked up from behind and pressed a small button in the pit behind the gynoid's ear, the gynoid twitched and came into life. she spoke "Unit xxx powering up ... This unit is now in standby mode, higher privilege required for further instructions." then that man took a card from his pocket and placed it on the gynoid's crotch. the gynoid beeped and said in a monotone "User please authenticate." then he took a portable console that has a number keypad and a color holographic screen from the desk, extended the cord from the console, and plugged it into the gynoid's navel. he typed some code and pressed enter, the gynoid said "Access granted, you now have the privilege." the man said "unit xxx prepare for the data exchange." the gynoid spread her legs and said "ready."
liliwinnt6 - Fembot Central

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