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…Inside the girl's insides Shannon and Lia saw intricate tangles of fiber-optic cable, wiring and integrated circuitry linked to sophisticated motors and computers. A plastic tank inside the girl's torso had broken open and splattered her insides and skin with a strange, clear fluid which sparked and sizzled as it touched the components inside her. Most horrifying of all was the girl's face. It appeared to have been popped off her head like a shell and lay to one side, still connected by cabling and tubes to the inside of her head. Lights inside her head flashed and blinked wildly as she turned her faceless head toward the girls. Sparks and servomechanized noises erupted from within the open face of the creature and the pretty face that lay beside it moved it's lips and mouth awkwardly. Eyes rolling over and up into it's face and sputtering.
Mad Mechacow - Tales of Syntech 3

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