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She opened the drawer. It contained eight faceplates - all feminine, and all very beautiful. “This one is mine.” she said, pointing to the second one in from the left on the top row. He looked back to the permanently exposed active electronics of her android head, surrounded by lush glossy blue curls falling down to her skin-tight bodysuit. “You never wear it? Ever?” “We are programmed to hold the tenet that our true face as androids is the one which we display to you as you see us now. For me to attach my faceplate would be to function as an impostor.” He gazed at the asymmetrically arranged complex array of circuitry, wiring, flashing LEDs and computer components that she referred to as her true face. “I think your electronic circuitry is beautiful.” he told her. “Are you sincere? No human has ever told any of us that before.”
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