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Laser Maze disasembly.gif A partially disassembled robot, with her head detached from her body

In fembot terminology, disassembly is when a fembot is dismantled, typically without incurring severe damage. It differentiates from Damage by virtue of the fembot having been disassembled according to design specifications, as opposed to violent action.

Disassembly can vary in depiction. A disassembled fembot may otherwise be whole with a few core components removed, or completely taken apart down to basic body components. A common depiction of disassembly is the removal of one or more limbs or the head of a fembot. This can often be a method of revealing the character as a robot.

In fiction

In the Megaman Cartoon Series, the character Roll can be seen dismantled on a table.

In The New Outer Limits episode Glitch, the character Wendy is shown disassembled on a table after she is discovered to be a fembot.

More examples

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