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Janebot access panel.gif Janebot opens an abdominal panel

An access panel is an opening in the outer surface of a fembot's body for the purpose of facilitating maintenance or repair. Access panels may be featured virtually anywhere on a fembot's body; particularly popular locations include the limbs, the abdomen (upper or lower), the upper torso, the back and the face. The panels may be fairly obvious, marked by seams in the metallic covering or synthetic skin, or may be carefully hidden to preserve a fembot's humanlike appearance.

Some access panels may, rather than exposing circuitry or mechanisms for maintenance, give access to a control panel. Apart from the fictional utility of allowing access to a fembot's systems, access panels are also a useful visual shorthand demonstrating a woman's robotic nature. Access panels have been widely used in science fiction films or television programs depicting fembots, as well as in ASFR-related visual artwork. Some ASFR aficionados have been known to find opened (or even closed, yet obvious) access panels a particularly arousing feature of erotic visual depictions of fembots.

A more modern depiction of the access panel is a Subdermal Control Panel, seen as a lit up portion of the skin that can be controlled by touch.

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