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Dr Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine programming scene.gif Dr. Goldfoot programs his robots

Programming is the act of writing, arranging or transferring a computer program into a fembot. Reprogramming serves much the same purpose, and may overwrite or edit previous data.

In gynoid related fiction and media, programming is usually done to give initial instructions to an android, or to add new functions. This is usually done by the owner or operator of the fembot. As with any computer system however, fembots can be hacked. Programming and reprogramming can therefore be done by people or computers that are not authorized to alter a fembot's data.

This type of plot device usually requires a wire to be attached to a port or access panel on the android. Programming can also be done wirelessly via a laptop and/or remote, though in this case the plot would require a detailed visual display readout of the device.

In fiction

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