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Part 1

Sarah Jones stood under the hot spray of her shower, rapidly scrubbing herself with body wash while simultaneously rinsing the shampoo from her hair. “Goddammit,” she thought to herself. She was late for class. Again.

Sarah lived with her mother and twin sister, Kate. Oh, and a fat, annoying cat they’d jokingly named Spanx. Her mother was a professor at the local university, teaching robotics, or engineering, or something. She was never very good at that sort of thing. Still, her mother’s position allowed her and her sister essentially free tuition.

Kate had become her mother’s protege, studying under her once she started school. The two had been inseparable since late in high school, when Kate had some sort of accident they barely talked about.

Sarah, on the other hand, and much to her mother’s seeming disappointment, was much more drawn to the humanities, and opted to study history upon enrollment. This did mean she didn’t share the same schedule as the rest of her family, and was left to drive in on her own. A task that, like today, being a bit of a dreamer and a klutz, often left her running a bit behind.

Her hair fully rinsed, she shut off the water, pulled back the shower curtain, and went to step out of the tub, not realising Spanx had insinuated himself into the bathroom, and was sitting on the bathmat. Both startled, the cat hissed as Sarah tried to avoid stepping on him. And then her back foot slipped, and she fell. The world went into slow motion.

She tried desperately to regain her balance. Grab anything that would stop her fall. But it was futile. Her head hit the bathroom counter next to the shower. Hard. And her world went black.

She dreamt of strange things. Green text, like a computer printout or something.

  • “Critical impact detected in cranial unit”
  • “Initiating emergency detachment program, beta 2”
  • “Wireless connection established. Re-initiating.”

Sarah’s eyes snapped open. She was lying on the bathroom floor, starting at the wall.

“That fucking cat!” she thought to herself. “Gonna kill him.”

She rolled over, and tentatively got to her feet. Or at least, it felt like she did, but to Sarah’s confusion, she was still lying on the floor, staring at the wall. Panic began to set in.

“Oh god… Oh god… I’m paralysed. I broke my neck. I hate that fucking cat.” She wanted to cry for help, but it was moot. Her mother and sister wouldn’t be home for hours. But it was odd. She still felt like she was standing. She could feel the cold tile under her feet. “Great, now I’m hallucinating,” she thought to herself. Still, if she was imagining things, why not. She “took” a step forward. Only to have a foot enter her field of vision… Her foot.

She tilted her eyes upwards as best she could. There was a naked woman standing there. A headless body. Her body. Sarah screamed.

“What the fuck is happening,” she thought to herself, but then, as if by instinct, she just thought, “let me try to pick up my head.” And she bent over, felt her hands on either side of her face, and then stood back up. She was staring at her own breasts, holding HER OWN head in her arms. “This has to be some sort of fever dream or hallucination. Probably caused by that fall. Yeah, that’s it.”

She was trying desperately not to panic, but still, curiosity got the best of her. She’d always been a curious person. “Wish curiosity had killed that cat.” She thought to herself, trying to bring some levity to whatever horror this was.

Tentatively, she turned her head around, to face the mirror. And sure enough, there was her headless body, holding her head in her hands, a look of horror and confusion on her face. There was a glint of metal components coming from her neck on both ends, and what looked like a few attachment points.

“I’m a… “I’m a… a robot? No, this is… This can’t be. No.”

But again, as if guided by some subconscious instinct, she smoothly raised her head up, and placed it upon her body. The two sections joined with a click, and then whatever seam had been visible quickly disappeared.

Still nude, Sarah ran across the hall to her room, where she sat down on her bed. She gazed at the ceiling, lost in thought for what seemed like hours. She definitely wasn’t going to go to class now.

“I’m not a robot. I’m not a machine, I’m as human as anyone else. It was just a hallucination brought on from me hitting my head. Side effects of a concussion.” Then she realised, bringing her hand to her head, she wasn’t feeling any pain. If she’d actually had a concussion, shouldn’t she have a massive headache?

She got up from her bed and crossed her room, looking at her reflection in her full length mirror. There was no bruising of any kind on her forehead, or any other indication of her hitting her head. “Maybe the whole thing was a dream. I’m not some machine, but, what if I am…” she thought, and oddly, suddenly found the prospect arousing.

Her mind, now somewhat clearer, was determined to discover the truth. Since she’d “dreamt” her head came off, she raised her hands to both sides of her face, and tried to pull upward. Nothing. Then she thought, “maybe if I twist it somehow?” but that only gave her a (simulated?) crick in her neck.

She wondered if there was some other way to determine if she was, in fact, artificial, short of grabbing the scissors off the desk and cutting herself open, but that was way too extreme. She glanced at herself in the mirror, admiring her figure. She ran her hands down her sides, and then cupped her breasts. She tweaked each nipple, giggling to herself, “I wonder if these are my buttons?” This whole situation had somehow turned from horror to curiosity, playfulness, and arousal. “If I am a robot, maybe this is some sort of coping program?” she thought.

And then her “buttons” joke gave her an idea, and she ran her hands over her stomach, stopping at her belly button. She pressed in… and nothing happened. She felt strangely disappointed. So, she tried again, this time pressing in twice. Open sesame.

There was a hiss, and a large panel opened just beneath her breasts, running all the way down to her pubic hair. Sarah gasped in awe at the complicated array of electronics nestled within her torso. There was what appeared to be several artificial amalgamations of human organs; ribs, lungs, stomach, etc, as well as a flexible led touchscreen, with numerous readouts and status indicators. At the display’s center was an outline of a woman, with green lines separating every major joint in the body. Wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck and so on.

“Holy… I’m actually a fucking robot!” Sarah gasped in wonder, a tingle running up her (now known to be) artificial spine. “How?” And then it hit her. Her mom, an engineer, working in robotics. Duh. She wondered if Kate knew? Was she in on it?

She was drawn to the display in her chest, particularly the outline of the girl, her outline. She tentatively reached into herself and touched the screen at random. She’d hit the line on her left wrist. There was a beep, and to her dismay, a seam appeared between her hand and arm. With her right hand, she reached over to touch it, and her left hand easily just pulled away from her arm, leaving two metallic connection ports where they’d come apart.

Startled, she dropped her hand to the ground. “Ouch!” she cried. She could still feel the hand… her severed hand. She moved her index finger. It moved. Huh. She pushed up with all five fingers, and giggled as she started walking her detached hand around like some bizarre robotic version of Thing from the Addams Family.

Sitting back down on her bed, she thought, “I guess I have to be easily taken apart for repairs, and such. I wonder if all my parts can be wirelessly controlled?”

She reattached her hand to her wrist, and marvelled as the seam disappeared. Then reaching back inside herself she hit the point of release for her left hip. Sure enough, another seam appeared, and she was easily able to pull her leg away from her body. Holding it in her hands, she was able to flex her knee and wiggle her toes. In putting her leg back on, her hand accidentally brushed her sex, and she felt another tingle run up her spine, and she suddenly realized how aroused and wet she was.

Her hand stayed there, and she began gently rubbing herself, pleasure flooding her mind. “Why the hell am I so turned on by being a machine? Am I malfunctioning? Is this a programmed response? ”

She decided she didn’t care, and continued to play with herself, slipping a finger into her wetness. She brought it to her mouth and tasted it. She’d always loved to taste herself when she masturbated. And then an idea suddenly crossed her mind.

She reached back inside, and this time pressed the release for her head. Placing both hands on her temples, she gingerly lifted her head off her neck, turned it around and laid it on the bed between her legs. It made her a bit dizzy, but negligible compared to all the other revelations of the day.

She was now looking up at her once again headless body, but was still in control. She pushed her open abdominal panel shut, and watched as the seams around it disappeared. Then, lifting her head up once again, she gently brought it to her breasts and gave each nipple a kiss, waves of pleasure rushing over her, and then began lowering her head along her stomach, kissing it the whole way down, until she was face to face (er, face to vulva?) with her pussy.

She gave it a quick lick, and shuddered. She moved her tongue up her labia until she reached her clit. Words could barely describe what she was feeling. It was like a perpetual feedback loop of pleasure, simultaneously tasting herself and able to direct her tongue wherever she wanted. She needed more, and pushed her face deeper into herself, penetrating her folds with her tongue. She was on the verge of the most mind blowing orgasm of her life when she was suddenly interrupted by a voice.

“A hem.”

Her face buried in her crotch, she could barely make out the figure in her periphery. Her sister, standing in the doorway.

“Kk-Kate!” she stammered, muffled by what she was doing.

“So, I guess you found out, then. We got an emergency alert at the lab, and mom sent me to check on you.”

Sarah pulled her head away from her crotch, and awkwardly repositioned it so she could see her sister better. It was an odd perspective, to say the least. “You knew about me? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Kate shrugged, “After I found out about myself, mom wanted one of us to remain asleep. Wish I’d thought of that particular trick, though.” Nodding towards Sarah’s head. “Gonna have to try that.”

“Wait, so, you…”


“And mom?”

“Human. Far as I know. She built us both, and has been keeping tabs on us, studying us, trying to develop more and more advanced bots. I’ve been helping with her research. Why do you think she basically made us go to school here?”

“And how did you…?”

“Find out? Remember the car accident in high school? Ripped my arm and a good chunk of my torso off. Kinda tough to ignore that. She could have wiped me, I guess, but decided against it. She’ll probably do the same for you, now that you know. Oh, and that emergency disconnect thing, you’ve got me to thank for it, otherwise there could have been some serious damage.”

Sarah was feeling a bit pissed at the casual tone of her sister, and felt more than exposed, sitting naked and headless.

“Now come on, get dressed. Mom’s on her way, and she likely has a lot to talk about with you.”

Sarah started to lift her head back to her neck, before Kate interrupted her.

“No, leave it off. I can’t wait to see the look on mom’s face when she sees you like that.”

Part 2

Henrietta Jones burst through the front door of her home in a rush, her hair unkempt, juggling her cell phone, keys, and her purse in her hands. She’d sent Kate ahead to check on Sarah after receiving an alert, but had gotten held up at work. She was somewhat dreading what she’d find.

She walked into the kitchen, and there were her two daughters. Kate was casually leaning against the counter, a mischievous grin on her face. And standing meekly to her side, Sarah, decapitated, holding her head in her hands and looking uncomfortable. “Hi momma,” she stammered out, her lip quivering.

Henrietta rushed over to her headless daughter. “Oh, god, Sarah! Are you damaged? Let me see.”

“I, uh, I don’t think so… but Kate thought…”

Kate was struggling to stifle a laugh in the corner. Henrietta shot her a vicious look, and Kate’s grinning expression instantly changed to one of sheepish embarrassment.

Taking Sarah’s head from, well, Sarah, she placed it back on her daughter’s neck, and was pleased to see it rejoin correctly. She then embraced her, and Sarah immediately started sobbing. “I’m so sorry sweetie, you were always meant to find out, but not like this. Kate’s awakening was bad enough.”

“Yeah, I only had half my body ripped apart.” She said snarkily.

Henrietta shot Kate another look.

“Sorry,” was all she could meekly muster before going silent again.

“Ok, Sarah,” she said, staring directly into her eyes. “You had a nasty fall. There could be complications, both physical and psychological as a result of, well… I need to run a full diagnostic, and the best place to do that is the lab. Are you up for that?”

Sarah, still trying to process everything that had happened, simply nodded.

“Alright, both of you, in the car.”

The drive to campus was quick but silent, the only sound being the low volume of some random radio station. Entering the engineering building, the three walked down the hall towards Henrietta’s lab. Various students were still milling about, going and coming from late evening classes and study groups.

Lost in thought, Sarah just kept her head down and did her best not to look at anyone, some of whom she likely knew.

“Hey, Professor Jones! I had a few questions for you, if you have time.”

And that was an almost bigger oh crap moment for Sarah than everything that had happened that day. The voice was clearly that of Steve Foster, a tall, good looking student of her mother’s, but he was also in some of her history courses, and naturally, she had a huge crush on him. “Oh god.”

“I’m sorry Steven, but now’s really not a good time. I’ll catch up with you later, though. Tomorrow?” Henrietta said.

“Oh, ok, no problem professor. Hey Sarah, what’s… up?” He trailed off as the cute brunette just brushed past him, eyes down. “Well good to see you too, I guess,” he muttered to himself, heading in the opposite direction.

Finally, safely ensconced in Henrietta’s lab, Sarah let out a sigh of relief. She glanced around the room, filled with assorted workstations, utility tables, and almost more computer monitors than she could count. Not to mention a vast array of electronic devices she couldn’t hope to describe.

She’d been here plenty of times, of course, meeting up with either her mother or Kate for one reason or another. It was familiar to her, but she now realized she’d likely been here more times than she knew.

“Honey, could you give us a few minutes. Maybe work on finishing that inventory list in storage? Or just surf the web. I need some time with your sister.”

The two entered her mother’s office, and Sarah sat down across from her mother at her cluttered desk.

“I suppose you have a lot of questions. “That,” she said, pointing to a large black cube resting on a shelf in the corner, “was Trish. The first full AI ever developed by your father. You, and your sister were both modeled on her, or at least the software. We gave you bodies, but we wanted to try something different this time. We made you unaware of your true nature, and introduced you into society, to see how you’d develop as individuals.”

“What do you mean this time?” Sarah asked. Henrietta ignored her and continued.

“And, boy, did you surprise us. You became slightly bookish and shy, while Kate, well, you know. Dyed her hair, partied through high school. Bit of a wild child. At least until your father’s untimely death and her own self discovery. You know how she is.”

Sarah laughed. She knew her sister indeed.

“She was the one who came up with the remote detachment. You could always be taken apart, but she designed the emergency releases, in case of extreme stresses that might harm other parts of your bodies.”

“Huh. Guess I gotta buy her lunch, or something.”

“Yeah, she’s been a great help to me since the accident. Really buckled down. I really feel bad now if you in any way felt excluded.”

“No mom, it’s confusing… but I guess fine. Just wish I’d known sooner. I remember being so worried about Kate, and everything around that time, and that you could, sorry, were probably just simply repairing her. Replacing an arm or whatever.”

“I’m sorry. I should have let you in then. I was just trying to keep up appearances. Now, Sarah, if it’s alright with you, can I run a diagnostic?”

“Uhm, sure…” Sarah began to unbutton her blouse, thinking her mother would need access to her chest cavity.

“Honey, no, stop.” Henrietta said, grabbing a tablet and cable and getting up from her seat.

Stepping around behind her daughter, she gently brushed Sarah’s hair away from her neck, and pressed the cable into a small mole at the base of her skull. Sarah went rigid. “Interface connection established.” She said in a monotone.

“Wait… what was that?” In her normal voice.

“Sorry, just a normal response. Nothing to worry about. Looks like you have no significant damage. Although there is a bit of an anomaly.” Henrietta said, looking at the tablet readout. “Shows an arousal spike after you had your accident… but not seeing anything wrong with your AI matrix, or your programming...”

Sarah blushed. “No… I was freaked out at first, obviously… but…”


“It’s weird talking about with your mother, but I’ve just, uh, kinda always had a thing for robots… and then finding out you are one… It’s a bit weird.”

“Ha. I’d say more than a bit. I can lift your sleeper protocols, if you want. It would give you voluntary access to a readout in your vision, so you can check your own status. Wouldn’t require you to have so many lunch dates here.”

“Wait, so…?”

“Yeah, sorry. But we were just checking up on you, since we cared about you. And you could remove your parts at will. Wouldn’t require opening yourself up, since this says you, uh, enjoyed that a bit.”

“Mooom.” Rolling her eyes.

“Sorry.” She tapped a few buttons on the tablet, and then removed the cable. “Ok, give it a shot. Just think what you want to do.”

Sure enough, as she thought “display readout” a small window appeared in her lower left field of vision. Then she just thought, “remove head” and a seam appeared around her neck. She lifted it off, and then quickly reattached it.


Henrietta just laughed. “More human than human. I’m amazed you’re taking all this so we...”

She was interrupted by a loud crashing sound coming from the storage room at the back of the lab.

Sarah and her mother looked at each other, eyes wide.


Part 3

“Honey, could you give us a few minutes. Maybe work on finishing that inventory list in storage? Or just surf the web. I need some time with your sister.”


Kate walked to the back of the lab and entered the storage room. Countless boxes lined the shelves, containing everything from papers, to prototype parts, to replacement parts. “Hell”, she thought, “there might even be a younger version of me in here.”

She plopped down in the chair at the workstation, and idly spun around, blowing a strand of her short blonde hair out of her face. She’d never really been aroused after learning her true nature. More curious. Maybe it had something to do with the traumatic way in which she’d learned it.

Still, Sarah’s discovery was no less horrifying, and seeing her sister like that, well, it admittedly turned her on a bit. Her head, nestled between her legs, eating her own self out… She’d have to try that sometime.

As she continued spinning, lost in thought, she noticed she’d slipped a hand down her jeans, and was idly massaging herself, when her eye caught a particular box on one of the shelves, which gave her an equally kinky idea. Grinning to herself, she thought, “Eating myself out can wait. And they’ll probably be a while...” She thought, glancing at the door. Granted, potentially getting caught did turn her on, and she’d often rubbed a quick one out when alone in the lab.

The box in question. Project David. Penile prototype version 1.0. They’d been working on a male android, but hadn’t moved to the completion stage yet.

Not even bothering to get up, she grabbed a cable off her desk, and scooted across the room in her chair to the shelves. Opening the lid, she looked inside, and there, nestled among some packing material was a rather sizeable set of male genitalia, metal attachment points visible at the base of the scrotum.

Unbuttoning her jeans, she dropped them around her ankles, pulling her panties with them in one fell swoop. She pulled the phallus out of it’s case, stifling a laugh as the flaccid member flopped over in her hand, and playfully placed it over her crotch, getting a kick out of the view.

“Ha, I have a penis!” Playfully slapping it against her thigh. And soon enough, she would. Sort of.

Turning it around in her hand, she looked at the base, and the complex array of machinery within. Fluid hoses, data connection ports, physical connection points. Finding the relevant one, she plugged the data cable in, and then reached around to the back of her neck, finding her own hidden data port smoothly plugging the other end of the cable in. She’d done this so many times over the years, it was basically a habit.

“Interface connection established.” She said in the familiar involuntary monotone. “New hardware detected.

Pulling up her hud, Kate scrolled through her options. “Accept hardware, enable wireless control”, she thought, and then “Interface complete” flashed in her vision.

“Holy shit.” She said, flooded by a flood of sensations from the unfamiliar organ. Aroused by what she was doing, it had already started to harden in her hand. She unplugged it from herself, and gripping the base, she began gently stroking it.

Soon, the organ was fully erect, and Kate was practically gushing between her legs. “Jeez, no wonder guys like playing with these things all the time.”

And then she put her kinky plan into motion. Turning the dick around, she rubbed the head up and down her slit, shuddering in delight, eyes rolling back from feeling the dual sensations.

She was ready. With barely any hesitation, she impaled herself with her own cock. She had to bite her lip to stop herself from screaming, accidentally sliding off of the chair onto the floor. Bucking her hips off the ground, she furiously thrust the phallus in and out of herself with one hand, massaging her breasts and clit with the other.

Kate was in ecstasy, the feeling of being penetrated, while simultaneously feeling her vagina from a whole new perspective. She was really struggling suppressing her moans as she furiously fucked herself.

And then she came harder than she’d ever come before, simultaneously with both organs, feeling the penis buck inside her.

And then she realized she’d fucked up, as a large red error message began repeatedly flashing in her vision.

“ Error. Orgasm sequence initiated. Fluid pumps not detected. Error.”

And she felt the penis spasm again insider her, and she shuddered.

“ Error. Orgasm sequence initiated. Fluid pumps not detected. Error.”

And again. And again. And again.

Kate was essentially having seizure on the ground, spasming uncontrollably. She frantically pulled the offending member from herself, but was still wireless connected to the malfunctioning device, which was now almost comically bucking on the floor, stuck in its loop.

Now in a panic, Kate attempted to disconnect from her end, but just got another error message.

“Unresponsive device.”

Still spasming, she accidentally kicked one of the storage shelves, resulting in a huge crash as numerous boxes fell to the floor, landing all around the malfunctioning girl.

After hearing the crash, Sarah and Henrietta the storage room, and took the site before them. Kate, lying on the ground malfunctioning, spasming in looped orgasms, surrounded by numerous boxes, various components and replacement parts. Sarah wasn’t sure what disturbed her more. Her sister in distress, or that there was a penis flopping around next to Kate.

“Oh, god.” Henrietta said, "what did you do to yourself this time?"

"Hhhhheelp mere." Kate managed to get out.

Grabbing her interface tablet, Henrietta kneeled down beside her daughter, rolling her over and plugging the cable into the back of Kate’s neck. The entire screen was filled with red error messages. She tried to tap in a few commands, shut her down, disconnect her link with what was causing the issue, but Kate’s system was completely unresponsive. Everything she tried wasn’t working.

“Dammit! Time for plan b.”

Glancing over at a mortified Sarah, Henrietta had a conflicted look on her face. And then pulled the cable from the tablet, brushed her long curly hair aside, and jammed it into her own neck.

Sarah gasped. ‘Her mother, too? What?”

“I’m the physical embodiment of Trish, ok? The prototype for you.”


“We can discuss it later, right now I need to help your sister.”

Sarah was truly having the craziest day, discovering not only was she a robot, but seemingly everyone in her seemingly normal life. She watched dumfounded as her mother, or was it sister now, closed her eyes, announced in a monotone. “Direct interface failed.”

“Ok, plan c I guess.” She grumbled, lifting up Kate’s shirt, and pressing hard into her navel. As Sarah had experienced personally herself just this morning, there was a hiss, and Kate’s abdominal panel opened, although the control touchscreen in her torso was flashing red.

Henrietta reached deep into Kate’s chest, feeling for the proper spot.

“What are you doing?”

“Nuclear option. I need to do a hard reboot.”

“Will she be ok?”

“It’s a risk we’ll lose her entirely.” And as she depressed the reset button, Kate slumped to the floor, and completely stopped moving, eyes open, emptily staring at the ceiling, mouth agape.

Henrietta looked like she was about to cry, and gently stroked Kate’s hair.

“How long do we need to wait.”

“A few minutes.”

It felt like an eternity for both of them. And then Henrietta once again depressed the button. There was a beep, and a slight sound of whirring as her systems came back online. Both watched with the fear that she wouldn’t still be Kate.

And then she let out a gasp, eyes fluttering as she gazed up at the two worried onlookers, and then her wide open abdominal cavity.

“Ugh… Remind never to try that again…”

Part 4

A few weeks had passed since that very eventful day. Sarah discovering her true nature, Kate malfunctioning, and then the true whammy. Henrietta revealing herself to be the original physical embodiment of the AI called Trish, always self aware, but nevertheless the template upon which the two girls were based, mentally and physically. In a way, she was their older sister, as their “father” had invented all three, but, as Henrietta explained, she’d helped create Sarah and Kate, and had essentially raised them after his passing. As far as she was concerned, she was their mother.

Kate took the news the hardest, and was slightly resentful that her mother hadn’t told her the truth. After all these years, working side by side, Kate upgrading her own systems, applying them in secret to Sarah. Lying to her sister had been bad enough, but now realizing her mother was applying the same those same upgrades to herself all along was somehow worse.

Still, life more or less returned to normal. Or at least as much three fully aware robot women were capable of. Sarah in particular had taken an enjoyment in what she was. Instead of grabbing a stool to get something she couldn’t reach, she’d just remove an arm, using it as a grabber. Henrietta or Kate rolling their eyes in the background.

She’d also become quite fond of removing a hand and essentially using it as a dildo. She could reach angles fingering herself that she never could have if it were attached. Which she was doing right now. Naked, on her bed, plunging her fingers into herself, one curled up, stimulating her artificial g-spot. She came, hard, and collapsed back on the bed, breathing heavily.

She now knew it was all essentially a human emulation. She didn’t need to breathe, but knowing that somehow made it hotter as she came down from her simulated orgasm. She realized she’d dropped her hand on the floor in her throes of ecstasy, and didn’t see it initially as she leaned over the bed. She remotely tapped a finger against the floor so she could locate it easier, and found it under the bed. Picking it up, she easily reattached it to her wrist.

Still nude, and feeling very satisfied, she felt like a shower. Grabbing a bathrobe, she headed down the hall towards the bathroom, passing Kate’s room on the way. The door was open a crack, and she caught a glimpse of her sister out of the corner of her eye. Lying on her own bed, fully nude, back arched, holding her detached head between her thighs, going to town on her own pussy.

Sarah blushed, and quickly averted her eyes. Clearly Kate hadn’t realized the door was a bit open. And then as she started back down the hall, an idea crossed her mind. Kate was clearly trying her trick from the first time she’d learned about her own self… Maybe for the first time, where Sarah had been interrupted from her own climax by her sister…

She turned on her heel, and with a slight grin on her face, barged into Kate’s room, and before the other bot realized what was happening, she grabbed Kate’s head and pulled it away from her body and autocunnilingus indulgences. “Sarah?! What the fuck?”

“You interrupted me when I tried that. Fair’s fair.” Sarah taunted, holding her irate sister’s head in her hands.

“Give me my head back, dammit.” Kate said, as her headless body made an awkward lunge off her bed towards Sarah. Falling flat on the floor.

“Not until you apologize.” Holding Kate’s head up, so they were eye to eye.

“For what?”

“For not telling me sooner.”

Kate’s face glared at Sarah, and her body got up from the floor, and tried to make another sightless lunge for her head. Sarah easily dodged.



“Ok… fine. Sorry.”

“I’m not sure if that was sincere.” She said, somewhat jokingly.

Kate rolled her eyes, and went for the nuclear option. “Mom, Sarah’s being a bully!”

A somewhat bored sounding Henrietta’s voice rang out from downstairs. “Sarah, stop being a brat… give your sister her head back.”

Part 5

Sarah sat in class, lost in thought as her professor droned on at the front of the class, barely paying attention to the lecture. She was reflecting on the events of the past few weeks, but was mostly thinking about her crush from before all that. Stealing furtive glances at Steve, who was sitting a few rows in front of her.

He worked with her mother and sister in their lab as a graduate engineering student, but apparently had an appreciation for history as well, so would audit classes here and there. Usually classes Sarah was in.

A bustle of closing books and opening bags brought Sarah back from her reverie. “Alright, ladies and gentlemen, that will be all for today. Don’t forget, Michaelson, chapters 4 and 5. And I will be in my office on Thursday, but not Wednesday.”

She gathered her things, closed her laptop, and made her way into the hall towards her next lecture.

“Hey! Wait! Sarah!”

She froze in her steps. She knew that voice. It was Steve. She turned.

He looked slightly sheepish, yet somewhat flustered, awkward, and tiny, despite him being a good head taller than her.

“I, uh, look...I’ve been reluctant to do this, since I work with your mom, but… uh…”

His next sentence was so fast it was basically unintelligible, “Uwangooutsometime?”


Steve fidgeted awkwardly for a bit. “You know? A date… I dunno, dinner, a movie? Your choice… I shouldn’t have…”

Sarah’s heart fluttered. “Was it a heart?” she wondered briefly. Probably has some name like “cardio-vascular replication unit.” She was still coming to grips with what she was, and hardly understood half of how she worked. But then again, she briefly mused, does anyone?

And then she realized she’d left him hanging there for longer than she’d meant. “Sorry… I, uhm, yes, Steve, of course.”

There was another awkward pause. She knew she was a machine, but she could still be awkward. Be it some fake human emulation program, or her just being a true AI, with her own developed personality. Sarah seriously hoped it was the latter.


“Yeah, uh, I’ve been hoping myself for a while now. Took you long enough.”

They both laughed off the tension.

“So… Saturday?”

She just nodded. “Saturday.”

And so it went. Splendidly. And the first date led to a second, which led to a third, and soon they were in a full on relationship. Henrietta seemed… concerned, for obvious reasons. She didn’t want their secret to get out, and he was a colleague. Kate was being Kate, mostly just teasing her sister about it.

“How’s my dreamy lab partner?” She’d ask, sarcastically.

“Stop focusing on my love life, and get your own damn boyfriend!”

“Yeah, well what happens when he finds out about you?”

Sarah was silent, and had admittedly been concerned about that very subject, and as a result had been a bit hesitant about physical intimacy beyond kissing. She decided then and there that she wanted to change that.

They were walking back from dinner one evening. It was a lovely spring night, and once they reached his car, Steve leaned in for a kiss. She stopped him, a confused look on his face.

“Sorry, did I do something?

Sarah took the plunge.

“No, not at all… Look, Steve, I’ve been having a wonderful time these last few weeks, but…” She stumbled on her words. “Before we go any further, I, uh, want to be honest, and there’s something you need, like, really need to know about me… I’m uh, I’m a, a…” she stammered, and then he interrupted her.

“Let me guess, you’re a…” Sarah thought he was going to say she was a virgin (true), gay, or maybe even a transsexual. “...a robot.” he said, in a sarcastic joking tone.

Sarah just looked at him, gobsmacked.

“You knew?”

“Wait, really?” Steve looked equally surprised. “I mean, I work with your mother on developing potential androids, or at least I thought they were potential. Until...”

“Until what?”

Steve sighed. “Well your sister Kate, she’s uh, not exactly subtle.” he said, awkwardly rubbing his neck.

Sarah laughed. “No shit.”

“Yeah, I once caught her tinkering with a detached hand. She played it off as if it were a prototype prosthesis, but I could’ve sworn her sleeve was empty. Thought my eyes were deceiving me. Then a few weeks later I walked in on her interfacing with the computer through the very same neck connection we’d designed. She didn’t notice me… and I put two and two together. That she was some sort of advanced prototype above my paygrade. I figured it was none of my business and backed out of the room.”

“So, you figured I was one too?”

“No… I mean, I was kinda joking when I said that. Like, maybe she was modeled after you or something.”

Sarah looked down and mumbled. “No it’s true, we’re both modeled after Henrietta, who was the original.”

Steve’s eyes widened. “Dr. Jones? She’s one too?”

Sarah nodded, looking down at the ground.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have said one.”

“It’s… ok. Look, I should probably be going. Do you promise not to tell anyone? Especially my mother?”

“No, stay… and yes, of course. Sarah, I don’t care. I really like you. I’ve liked you since the first time I saw you, before I even met you, before, well, I just learned you weren’t a normal girl.”

“I am a normal girl.”

Steve blushed. “Sorry, I mean, uhhh…”

Sarah laughed. “I’m kidding. I’m not exactly normal.”

“You’re an extraordinary girl.” And with that he pushed her against the car and kissed her. All of Sarah’s reservations melted away. He really didn’t mind.

“Let’s go to your place.” she said.

“You sure?”

She looked up at him and nodded.

They arrived at his apartment. Thankfully his roommate was out. Their faces remained interlocked as they made their way down the hall, discarding pieces of clothing as they went. Finally they reached his bedroom.

Steve pushed Sarah back against his bed, pulling her panties down. Sarah just leaned back, , now fully nude, and allowed him to enter her. She gasped. She was in bliss.

The two collapsed back on the bed, and Steve began thrusting furiously. Sarah’s eyes rolled back in ecstasy. And then she came. Hard. And in the throes of her orgasm, a brief thought crossed her mind. “He’s fucking me to pieces!”

And then she fell apart, as she’d inadvertently, somehow subconsciously triggered her emergency release mechanisms for every limb. Her legs hit the floor (ouch), her arms and hands hit the bed, as did her head, rolling to the side, with a post orgmasmic smile on her face.

Steve reeled back in horror, now holding Sarah’s headless and limbless torso in his hands, still impaled on his penis.

“Jesus! Sarah are you alright? What the fuck did I do?” Staring down at all the parts of his robotic girlfriend. As an engineering student, he couldn’t help but marvel at this technological wonder in front of him… and despite the initial shock, he found himself strangely aroused by the sight.

Sarah’s disembodied head just let out a sigh, followed by a girlish giggle.

“I’m fine. You did everything right,” she almost purred.

Steve started to pull out and lay her torso back down on the bed.

“Let’s get you back toge…”

“Except for one thing.” Sarah interrupted him. She could still feel his hard dick inside her. “You didn’t finish.”


“You didn’t finish.” She repeated.

“Yeah, but…” making a nod towards her various parts strewn around his bedroom.

“Keep going.” In a commanding tone, and to emphasize her point, made fists with both of her detached hands, and then clenched her vagina around him. “Keep. Going.”

“Alright boss!” He joked, and resumed thrusting into her torso unit, pressing it up against the bed, gazing at Sarah’s bodiless head, her beautiful face wearing an expression of delight. He didn’t last long, and felt Sarah’s body shudder beneath him. She let out a gasp as she had her second orgasm of the night.

Steve pulled out, and gingerly laid her torso down on the bed. Sarah laughed. “That tickles!” It was an odd sight, seeing her various parts still in synch, her stomach convulsing in laughter while her head, almost a foot away was making the noise, a huge smile on her face.

He was in awe of this wonder, in front of him… Whoever had, however she had been designed, it was light years beyond the simple robotics he had been working on… and yet there had been three right under his nose.

So complicated and advanced, he couldn’t even begin to imagine how she functioned, that she wasn’t really human, not a real person... No, scratch that, he thought, she’s a person. Just a bit… different. Aren’t we all? He lifted her head off the bed and brought it to his face.

“What?” She asked, looking into his eyes.

“Nothing, just marveling at how amazing you are. It’s a weird experience, finding out the girl of your dreams is so much more.”

“Yeah, well try finding out you’re a robot.” Sarah quipped, but was cut off as he brought her head to his and kissed her deeply.

After their lips parted, Sarah practically beaming. “So, what more does a girl have to do to get some help getting back together again?”

“All the king’s horses?”

“Ugh.” She groaned at the joke as he laid her head back on the bed.

“I’ll be right back, nature is calling.” Steve said with a mischievous grin, and walked down the hall towards the bathroom.

“Hey! Come on, you can’t just leave me here like this!”

“Sure can!” he called back playfully.

A strand of hair had fallen in Sarah’s face and she tried to blow it away in frustration, but, while she could still vocalize, her “lungs” were sitting halfway across the bed in her body. “Ugh.”

She rolled her eyes, and then set about the task at hand. Literally. She flexed her fingers and started awkwardly pushing her hands towards the attachment point on each detached arm. Meanwhile, she was wiggling her butt so she could move her torso to line things up better.

There was a click as she was able to reattach one hand to her wrist, and then began the slightly arduous task of working her arm towards her shoulder connection point. But between pushing with her fingers, flexing her elbow… “click.” She had an arm again!

It was a simple matter of reattaching her other arm, and, still headless, she pushed herself along the bed to the floor, shivering in arousal as her sex briefly made contact with the sheets.

Left leg into place, “click.” Same with the right. Almost whole, she thought as she watched her own body stand up from her vantage point on the bed. She picked her head up, and brought it to her crotch, giving herself a playful lick before bringing it up towards her neck. She caught a brief glimpse of Steve coming back from the bathroom over her shoulders and exposed neck attachment.

He paused, as he saw his partially reassembled girlfriend turn around, and slowly, gradually reattach her head to the rest of her body, a wry smile on her face, and a lustful, playful glint in her eye.

“Oh, you’re gonna pay for that little trick, mister.”

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