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The princess was mortified at the mangled corpse of her robot decoy on the table; cloned flesh, and a bioreactor, short of an extensive autopsy, they were physically indistinguishable from one another. It's personality had even been based on her own thought and memory patterns, if modified to have an annoyingly dutiful streak... no that was unfair, she had spent her life being irresponsible, afforded privilege but shirking the responsibilities that came with it, and now her duplicate had paid for it. No wonder she'd been so opposed to using her, she reminded her so much of her shortcomings. Well that was over, from now on she would be the princess the people deserve and devote herself fully to her responsibilities as heir. She'd start by calming those looks of apprehension around her. It was okay their true princess was here. She stepped naked out of her pod...
The Liar - Fembot Central

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