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Upon opening the hotel room, the porcelain-skinned redhead Brad ordered for his stay opened her green eyes and stood from the bed. "Hi, I'm Jaime," she purred while straightening her purple silk dress. “H-h-hello, Jamie,” he responded nervously while latching the door. Being of limited means, Brad ordered the basic package for his robot escort – companionship only, no sex. But his buddy knew a guy working at a Humanitech plant. He had something up his sleeve, literally. If caught with it, he could get arrested for theft. “Want to head down to the casino,” the buxom android suggested. He shakily pulled the note card from his cuff and read aloud, “Override Tango three Quebec seven Julie.” Jamie went rigid, cocked her head and responded “Programmer override accepted.” She relaxed, slipping her dress off her shoulders and onto the floor. That night, Brad brought a new meaning to “backdoor action.”
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