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Ladies and Gentlemen,this is Deep Damage!!That's right, Your Depraved and Deranged psycho groupie is back, baby! 5'11, 150, Russian-Italian-Spanish-Hungarian hellcat begging for cock! My eyes smeared with about five cans of black eye makeup and my pale body is covered in tattoos. Do you imagine my creamy thighs mashing against one another with a scintillating smoosh? I am looking for perverted weirdos and sick fucks to play with. My fetishes are for sickos, weirdos, and fembot lovers. I love catering to sick fuckers who know what they love and like..Pacific Standard time: (off on Sundays/Mondays)Phone Schedule:Tues: 2:00 pm-10 Wed-Saturday:12:00-6am You can also reach me on my direct-dial line as well.

Patrick Bateman Experience:Fembot Torture


Patrick Bateman Experience: Fembot Abuse is an collection of seven hardcore gothic science fiction tales written by Deep Damage. It features her altar ego female android, Alexandria 3000, being subjected to truly horrific victimization by her depraved yuppie owner. Deep Damage spares the reader nothing in these strangely erotic hardcore sci-fi tales, and renders this analogy in admirably lean, padding-free fashion that sticks to the perverse relationship between Alexandria 3000 and her owner, Matthew Romanov.

Patrick Bateman Experience


Patrick Bateman Experience2 : Fembot Destroyer is an collection of hardcore horror science fiction tales featuring an android getting abused by a depraved Yuppie banker and becoming free of human rule.An female android, Alexandria 3000, is subjected to truly horrific victimization by her alcoholic and depraved yuppie owner.

The Scrapbook of the Fulci sisters


If ever there were a short murdererotica novelette whose reputation truly preceded it, than "The Scrapbook of the Fulci sisters" is almost certainly that ebook. Authoress Deep Damage along with her three friends craft tales of sexual woe.This is indeed a profoundly unsettling sexual experience.It’s the collection of stories that focus an deranged serial killer who imprison three adult sisters and a black jogger in an decaying villa and subject them to every imaginable psychological torture ever. Maybe the serial killer is also the robot?

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