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This is crazy. I'm real, okay? Everybody watch this." With that, Darsi opened her mouth and poured the whole cup of water down the hatch. "If I was android, I would have been programmed never to drink a glass of water. But I WASN'T programmed not to. Therefore, Rhiannon, I am perfectly huma- huma-HUMA-" Her words were cut off by the muffled sound of arcing electronics coming from just behind her boobs. A loud SNAP-POP! sounded and her boobs were briefly illuminated from the inside by some serious sparks. Her whole body bounced uncertainly. "Holy smokes! She really IS a robot!" Rhiannon laughed. "What did I just do!?" Darsi cried out. "I'm --" A series of zaps jolted her body. "I really AM a robot!" Little zaps were sparking off everywhere inside her chest. "I've got water in me! My tits!" she exclaimed, watching them light up from the fireworks display going behind them. "This isn't good. What do I do!?" She looked around at the other girls, and then back down as her body sizzled and zapped inside.
Wjbaines - Vacations in Switzerland

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