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He was madly, deeply in love with her. He couldn't forget that for a moment as he looked at her on the table. Her higher artificial intelligence functionality had been deactivated, as she was in diagnostic mode for this procedure. She had been stripped naked, and each one of her access panels had been opened and now had cables plugged in and leading off to various computers and machinery around the makeshift robotics lab. Even her faceplate had been removed and set down beside her opened head as this shady "expert" uploaded illicit android software into her. "Will she... love me... after this?" her owner asked. "Naw, man." the expert said as he opened a command prompt and began typing. That's like asking a calculator to divide by zero. Ain't gonna happen. But she'll be as realistic as a real woman from the outside. No one will be able to tell that she isn't real. And if you want her to tell you that she loves you... well... up to you man. It's in her settings."
Robotman - unpublished

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