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Moira decided to check her favourite story site before she plugged herself in for the night. She always checked out this one site that had stories on it about fetishizing robots, and being one herself, she considered it a guilty pleasure. Many of the stories dealt with malfunctions, which she was a fan of, even if she didn't like them when they happened to her. She sat down at the computer under the mirror to enjoy it. When she opened the story site, though, she saw it was full of these audio plays from conversations one member had with an operator willing to role-play. She was happy he found a person to roleplay with but the number of scripts was..overwhelming... She tried to read one but..the information.. She couldn't process it all. Too many scripts. Too many characters. Too many malfunctions. Too many posts. All one person, but different people. "Gemma!" she called out to her android friend, hoping she was home but knowing Gemma was still out partying ever since her new batteries were installed. "Gemma, help, please?" No answer. "Gemma I'm overloading, there are too many stories on the b-b-board. I can't process-process-process them all..." Still no answer.
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