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Her A.I. knew what was happening. She was dying, here, in this alley way. It was her grave now. Sure, she had minimal insurance on her body, but they would only store her A.I. for up to 6 weeks, and without enough money to buy a new body, she would be deleted. The water trickled quicker into her body as the black rain clouds dumped into her. Water eventually reaching her power core and shorting it out, causing enough excess heat to melt the holding cage it was housed in, then burning through her synthetic chest, scorching the front of the new blouse she had just bought yesterday, and melting half an inch of pavement before eventually cooling enough to lodge itself there. She had been killed in the worst way possible for a robot...slowly, and without any means of salvation. She simply had to wait until she was destroyed.
evil boo - Open-case

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