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She looked through the options that were available. Perky? Slutty? Deferent? Domineering? (sigh) she'd done them all before. Then she found "Standoffish, Modest, Proud." Well that would be something new... but would Max like it? Well, she'd find out. Her mind made up, she went to her wardrobe to get dressed for the day; she was looking something a conservative, and was disgusted when she realized how little she had that fit that description. She was forced to settle on a curvaceous business suit with a to short pencil skirt, that defied both common decency, and the definition of "skirt". Now this was just indicative of their relationship, she was never allowed to wear anything that wasn't overtly sexual. Simply because she was his sexbot! It had never bothered her before today, but today was different, today he'd have to work for her affections... well, unless he changed her mind.
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