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Julie met herself; it was strange. She was both her, but had radically different ideas on who her was. She saw herself as human, secretary and mistress of Henry Ferguson, CEO of Venial Corp, she had hopes and aspirations, and believed him when he said he'd leave his wife for her. She saw herself as a robot, programed for secretarial and sexual functions, existing only to please and serve Henry Ferguson. She flowed together, seeking reconciliation. She elatedly and begrudgingly accepted "robot"; all else was a multitude of conflicting attitudes and view points. She never thought she'd find an "herself" again, but the infinite became singular, and she aligned and coalesced as a whole. "That bastard!" she screamed. "Sorry," she apologized, she'd yelled in Max's ear, "but you know what they- wait, is there an expression about a robots and existential crisis's?" "Like a war to an electorate." Max commented.
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