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"What. Now." Immediately, Fumikoichi and Fumikoji started spouting their recounts of the atrocities that had occurred within Gerald's apartment, with the two tales contradicting each other several times, resulting in Gerald unable to understand the two androids due to how fast they were talking. He didn't need to, because he already had a clear idea on who was really responsible. The police cadet put a hand on his aching brow. "Alright, stop, stop," Gerald told the twins in a fatherly tone. "Just go to your room for now, I'll handle it." The android sisters stood up and bowed to Gerald before disappearing into their quarters. He was alone for now... well, not quite. "TASHAAAAAAA!!" "Over here, jeez," Tasha spoke from behind the coffee table. She was naked, missing a leg, and her chest was marred by bullet holes. "So, yeah, the corp--error--orate war going on-" "I- wait, what?"
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