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"Olivia saw her secretary unit Alice standing at attention, glossy pink lips already parted to form a willing, perfectly-formed receptacle for something long and stiff. Unable to resist, she brought her index finger up to the waiting hole, felt the warm lips close softly around it, the wet caress of her secretary’s tongue, heard the low, purring “mmmmmmm” from the compliant machine’s throat. But the sound of a door opening behind her made her jump, withdrawing her finger from Alice’s mouth with a *pop* while simultaneously flicking the emergency power switch behind the secretary’s ear. The throaty “mmmmmm” was cut off by more worrying *pops* of static discharge. Olivia cursed under her breath. Using the switch was a last resort for a unit as sophisticated as Alice, risking data corruption if not actual hardware damage. She hoped the little minx would be ready to go later, when they were alone."
Karel - Fembot Central

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