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"Faerie, you -- I'm -- compute! compute! -- You overloaded me, Faerie! I need -- I need -- Lily, why -- Faerie overloaded me! I can't compute what's happening! Compute! Compute! COMPUTE! COMPUTE! COMPUTE!" All the girls were standing now, and every eye in the room was riveted to the meltdown that was taking place before them. Suddenly, Kelsey's generous bosom was brightened by a massive internal flash that was accompanied by an ear-splitting POP! Smoke started pouring out from between her lips. As it rose before her face, Kelsey's eyes crossed and she lost her balance. She toppled face-first onto the floor with a plastic clatter. "Faerie... you... overloaded... meeeeee... " A high-pitching spinning sound emerged from some internal mechanism and slowly deepened, finally turning into a quiet grind. Eventually it stopped and the smoke began to dissipate. Faerie spoke first: "Gosh... your President was a piece of junk!"
Wjbaines - Sorority Coup d'Etat

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