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Fallout 4 is a video game in the Fallout series released by Bethesda Softworks in 2015. It has several female robot and female synth characters, and some of its downloadable content and mods expand upon this greatly. The game is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Some of the mods and the console commands mentioned here are only available for the PC version.

Robots and Synths


The game has many robotic characters, and while some of those are non-humanoid or only vaguely humanoid in shape, the Assaultron robots are not only built in humanoid form, but distinctly female humanoid form with digitized female voices.


In the Fallout universe, machines that are termed "synths" range from Gen 1 synths that are obviously humanoid robots to Gen 3 synths which are biologically indistinguishable from human beings. Much of the game's plot revolves around this point.


Curie in her Miss Nanny robot and synth forms

Like many Bethesda games, the player can have a companion with them as they play the game. The main companion of interest to technosexuals is undoubtedly CVRIE, or Curie for short. When she is first encountered, she is a non-humanoid robot, but her voice is obviously feminine, and she has developed a sense of will and sentience on her own. She can have her "brain" transferred into a synth body later on.


With certain companions, the ability to build a positive relationship leading to eventual romance is an option. Curie is one of these companions, but only after her synth body has been obtained for her.

Console commands

When playing Fallout 4 on PC, a cheat console is available for the player to use. This opens up many possibilities of gameplay which are not normally present, including the ability to make any NPC a companion. Any NPC can be spawned by using the appropriate console commands, so one can have female synths from The Institute spawned and made companions. These NPC companions do not have the full range of actions available from the game's other companions, and are mostly silent. They can however be traded with and equipped.

List of console commands

The following console commands will spawn synth NPCs. Depending on ones progress in the game, these NPC may or may not be immediately hostile to the player.

Synth endoskeleton
player.placeatme 000D76CD 1

Rebel Synth
player.placeatme FF000823 1
player.placeatme 001E203A 1
player.placeatme 001E203B 1

Synth (escaped)
player.placeatme 0003D029 1

Synth Eradicator
player.placeatme 00136336 1

player.placeatme 00146140 1
player.placeatme 0015E982 1
player.placeatme 0015B545 1 

Synth Leader
player.placeatme 00183F27 1

Gunner Assaultron
player.placeatme 0022CDF7 1

With this .bat file installed, open the console, click on the NPC and select it with the mouse pointer, then type "bat followme" and follow the instructions that appear in the console. Any current companions will be dismissed.

Downloadable content


The Automatron DLC adds a number of robot-themed quests to the game, as well as new robotic enemies and a robot workshop which allows the construction of custom built robots at any settlement. These robots can be distinctly female humanoid in appearance with digitized female voices, and can even have customizable personalities. They are even available as companions, though they can not be romanced.

Far Harbor

A more expansive DLC, Far Harbor adds an entirely new playable map to explore. The main story quests involve the free synth settlement of Acadia, where some female synths reside.


Available mainly to players of the PC version, but also in a limited way to players of the PS4 and Xbox One version are game mods. Through the website nexus mods, one can view and install a wide selection of mods for Fallout 4 and other games. Please note that viewing some of the mods mentioned below will require an account.

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

A somewhat crucial way to stop many game-breaking bugs and severe crash-to-desktop problems.

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer

Enhances the beauty of the default female bodies in the game and allows customizability. Works together with BodySlide and Outfit Studio to allow fine-grain control of every aspect of female body appearance in the game, outfit by outfit and nude.


Allows customization of the female robot character and potential companion Ada, giving her a "human" appearance and effectively making her an android. She also gains the ability to wear clothing and wigs this way, while retaining her digitized female voice and computerized way of talking.

Synthetic Love

An extremely well-constructed mod that places a synth replica of your late wife (if playing as a man) Nora at Diamond City. She can be picked up as a companion and romanced. She will doubt she is a synth at first, but will eventually come to realize and accept it. This was all made with preexisting sound files from the game as it was released.

06 Synth Follower for CBBE

This mod creates another synth follower at Diamond City. She also knows she is a synth, and has the pancakes to prove it. If you like pancakes and loud talking, this is the companion for you.

SynthGirl iCurie - Synth Gen 2.5

The iCurie mod gives dozens and dozens of new customization features for Curie, all of which are robot, android, or technology-related in some way. Her stats are also greatly improved.

GITS Motoko Kusanagi outfit

Inserts replicas of clothing worn by Major Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell into the game. These clothing items are craftable at the armorsmith workbench, and modifiable with the BodySlide application.


Adds a trader selling a large variety of wigs to the game, just outside Red Rocket. These wigs can be traded and equipped to any companion or settler.

DA Lingerie Set With Shoes

Inserts a craftable lingerie outfit to the game, which is supported by CBBE and modifiable with BodySlide.

Even more RILF Assaultron

Adds RILF Assaultron torso and RILF Assaultron legs to the robot workshop that comes with the Automatron DLC.

Female Synths

Makes most of the robotic synths that wear clothing appear to be female. Customizable by outfit in BodySlide.

Workshop Synth Production

Adds the capability to build a complete functional synth manufacturing facility at virtually any of your settlements, as long as you have the space for it. The synths it manufactures will behave just like settlers, and can be traded with and equipped and assigned to work too. THis mod comes with a "Body Scanner" device which functions like a weapon - aim it at a named human NPC you wish to duplicate in synth form and follow the instructions to manufacture as many synth copies of that person as you wish.

User contributed content

Robotman has teamed up with Kim Coquette to add over 8 hours of music to the game through the use of the PipPOD mod. Radio K.I.M. and Radio K.I.M. 2 are available free to download.