Doll And Her Teddy

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Ted opened the box with trembling hands. Inside was SHE, lying with dead opened gray eyes, like a doll. She was having long, straight hair and a heavy make-up. 'She seems older than my mother!' thought Ted. Well, by far, he didn't think that it was best purchase in his life. Ted was saving for that android for half year, not spending any Intar for pleasures. Instead, he accumulated I1124, which was enough to buy a good, new android... and some accessories too. He got her a week ago, but waited for nearest occasion - his parents had just gone to visit Aunt Dolores. The boy got an excuse, and finally was bound home for whole weekend.

Ted looked in a box once again. His purchase was lying still. She looked quite fortyish, however it was seen, that she cares about her general outlook. For instance, her skin had no big wrinkles, and she was wearing expensive-looking jewelry. Along with the fembot, in box lied two suitcases, probably containing 'accessories'. Ted didn't picked'em by himself, he just relied on a company. After some ruffling, he finally found a user manual.

It was held in a big brown envelope containing also an offline catalog, and a remote. Ted put remote in his pocket, sat on near table and started to browse manual. 'To run android for the first time', it stated, 'put your remote as near its body as possible. Be careful though, since during first run, android may behave unusual'. Ted took her out of the box, as well as her suitcases. She was heavy, as heavy as normal human. He left her on a couch, and thrown the cardbox to bin.

'Now, for the first run' thought Ted. He made his purchase sit on a couch, and took the remote out of his pocket. Pointed it on her, and pressed a button.

She stood on her full size, and with monotonous voice exclaimed: "0-class personality loading... Loaded. Preparing to first run." Suddenly she started to shake, waving grotesquely her hands, neck, making million of faces per second, emitting a mechanical hum. Ted moved back a little step. The hum stopped.

Fembot blinked. She looked on Ted with curiosity. "Are you my owner? What's your name?" she asked. "Yes, Madam. My name is Theodore.", the boy answered. He was well raised, and addressed any woman in that way. "Madam?", she laughed. "Are you going to call me that way?" He nodded.

Madam walked over the room with grace. Finally, she sat one the couch. "Come here, Ted", she called him. Boy did as she ordered without any sign of disobedience. Personality changing circuits automatically noted, that the boy may be subordinate. "Now, Ted, tell me about yourself", she said when the boy sat on the couch. So Ted started telling. He was fifteen, lived here with parents, his sister was studying medicine in Europe... During his speech, Madam's circuits analyzed his character, and were changing her personality.

"Right", Madam stated. She looked at Ted. "I think that's everything I wanted to know. Do you smoke, Ted?"

"Ummm... not really"

"Do you drink, then?"

"Well, I did drank one or two beers... But it was just for my friends' company."

She stood and bent over Ted. He could now see her big breasts. "Do you mind if I'll drink? I need to... refresh myself."

"Yeah... Sure, Ma'am. But... My parents will realize that I took their drinks... I can't buy it either. I am too young."

"Really?" She smiled at him. "Luckily for me, I had one bottle for special occasions. But considered that, I think, I'll save it. For a time. What about cigarettes, then? Do you have some? Your parents sure won't realize some cigarettes missed?"

"Well...". Madam delicately took his chin in her gloved and ringed fingers, and fluttered at him. "I think they really might not notice. I'll bring'em here if you wish..."

When Ted got back, with four or five cigarettes, he found his purchase lying on a lounge. Her long dress didn't show her legs, but she seemed slim, as for fortyish woman. "Bring me them", she said, without any looking at him. With words "Here you go, Madam!", Ted put them in her hand. She nodded gratefully. "The light, Ted."


"I need fire. For cigarettes" she smirked. "Go fetch me, please."

Ted went back to his parent's room, while Madam holding her fags looked out of window. It was late evening, and most of the neighborhood was falling asleep. She went back on the sofa.

"Ahh, there you are!", she exclaimed, when boy returned with lighter. "Sit down. I wish to talk about you... there is something more."

"Yes Ma'am?" Ted looked at her.

"Do your parents know about me?", she asked. Boy shaken his head. "So where is my place?" she looked angrily at him. "Where would I sleep, Ted?" "I thought that droids do not need sleep, Ma'am", answered Ted. "That is true, but you need it. Where would I lay while you'd sleep?"

"Would my room be OK? I would fit you under my bed, or maybe in the closet?"

Madam frowned. "Are you asking a woman to hid under your bed? Do you think I would so easy forfeit my dignity?", she hissed quite loudly. Ted moved back. "But Ma'am..." he asked her again. "I've thought that I would turn you off first..."

"Turn me off? Maybe. But remember - only if your parents are near. I shall be your secret, then."

Saying that, she took lighter from the boy's hand. She delicately lighted a cigarette, and her face was covered a large cloud of gray smoke. Ted's cock rose again. "I think it is time for us to play, for some time, don't you Ted?". The boy was speechless.

"Lead me to your room, Ted. Ah - and don't forget about my luggage..." Ted nodded. He grabbed two suitcases. They were very heavy, and he had to stop for several minutes, what annoyed his Madam. She just gazed at him, with disdain in those gray eyes of hers. Ted felt then rather unhappy.

Finally, they got into room. It was rather big, as for the boy's place. "Well, the bed is too small for that I would show you..."

"How about my parents' bedroom, Ma'am?" She ruffled his hair with a smirk. "Very good Teddy. Good boy. Where is their room?" Ted offered to lead her, but she stated that she must finish her cigarette. She just sat on Ted's bed, slowly soaking smoke. "Boy!", she suddenly exclaimed. "How much do you earn?" "I don't work, Madam, I'm still..." - "I know THAT. But I must know how much money would you spend on me?" "I have no money now...". She stood up, and grabbed Ted's chin again.

"Ted!! Don't play stupid with me!!!", she said with a raised voice. "I think I asked you about how much you earn, not how much you have, right?", and she squeezed Ted's chin again. Ted was feeling both scared and aroused. "I am really, really, sorry, Ma'am". "You didn't answered my question", she hissed. "Five Intors per week, Madam.", Ted said finally. She looked disgusted. "Only that, Ted? I think you should try harder. For me. Will you try harder, baby?", and she moved his head, holding his chin, in a nodding way. "That's my boy. I do not care whether you work, or steal, or beg your mommy for more money. Now, who is most important person, in your sissy, fifteen-years-long life?", she asked, still holding him. Ted had in some moments great look on her cleavage, but she immediately raised his head with any glance. "Who is the most important?", she repeated. "You are, Madam" She grinned. "Who is most powerful?" "You are, Madam" "Whom will you obey?" "You, Madam" "Who is my little boy, my naughty slave?" "I am!" Ted scowled, while she was squeezing his chin. His cock was stone hard. She noted that. "Do you like to be treated like this?". She loosens her iron grip a little bit. Ted nodded happily. He didn't know that kind of robots had evolving personality, usually self-matching to their owners'. And contradictions will attract.

She made him sit on his bed, still holding his chin with single hand. In second she held smoking cigarette. Madam seemed much higher and powerful now. "Listen now, shrimp. It is I, who set the rules. You will answer only to mine questions. When you would say something, raise your hand. You know why? Because you are mine sexdoll, mine toy, mine property. Do you understand?" She let his chin go. "Undress", she threw the cigarette down.

Ted stood up. He pulled off his trousers, shoes, black T-shirt. Finally, he stood there, just in underpants. She looked at his tight pants, and murmured, "What a big boy you are..." He smiled like an idiot.

Madam also started to undress. She pulled her rings off fingers, and next, she took gloves off. Her fingers were beautiful, slim, and red was the colour of her fingernails. She slipped off her black dress, and pulled off her high-heeled shoes. She just stood there in her dark stockings, panties and bra. Ted had to admit that she has a great body. Madam gently unzipped her bra. She had really big breasts. She played with her tits for a while, rubbing them with themselves. Pulling the stockings off... Madam stands afront of Ted in just underpants. She pushes one hand into panties, smiles with delicacy. Finally, just before Ted starting to loose himself, she decides to pull it off. Ted also takes his underwear off at her gesture. They stand together naked. Madam pulls the boy to herself, and murmurs to his ear: "I let you". Ted takes her in his arms, and together they lie on bed...

Ted hugged his owner, and he could hear the hum of electronical bleeps, under Madam's skin. He entered her, an came almost immediately. No foreplay, no shouts. She played with him for an hour or two, but Ted was exhausted. His mistress turned into awaiting mode with satisfaction. And tomorrow there will be a new day.

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