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2040 movie poster - "A chilling vision of the future of sex"

2040 is a porn movie produced by Wicked Pictures. It stars Alektra Blue, Kirsten Price, Randy Spears, Marcus London, Kaylani Lei, Jessica Drake, Brad Armstrong and Mikayla Mendez. The film was directed by Brad Armstrong and was released on September 30, 2009.


To quote the trailer:

"The year is 2040. Over the last few decades, pornography had gone through a number of changes - the biggest of which was the introduction of sexdroid performers."

Realistic sex androids are standard in the porn industry in the future. To increase realism, a special android that can "feel" is created (Alektra Blue).

Special effects

The film uses at least one RealDoll and several RealDoll heads (along with various electronics and computer parts) as props to show the sexdroid performers being worked-on and maintained. A "facemask prop" is also used along with a RealDoll face to show a female android's head being opened and inspected.

Robotic acting

From the trailer, it is clear that 2040 will contain robotic acting. Alektra Blue's character is shown posed unnaturally and with a blank stare. She is also shown saying things a machine would say.


There are no reviews for this film yet